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Press Release

Nailya Alexander Gallery is pleased to present a holiday show online from December 1 to 31, 2021.

The end of the year is a special time, as diverse winter holidays and celebrations are observed around the globe.  In the spirit of the season, we are featuring work that evokes magical moments and sparkles with light, by artists from different backgrounds and countries: Albarran Cabrera (b. 1969, Spain), Lucretia Moroni (b. 1960, Italy), Jurek Wajdowicz (b. 1951, Poland), Denis Brihat (b. 1928, France), Gregor Beltzig (b. 1979, Germany), Alexey Titarenko (b. 1962, Russia), Nicholas Hughes (b. 1963, UK), Ann Rhoney (b. 1953, USA), and Pentti Sammallahti (b. 1950, Finland).

A feeling of enchantment and the beauty of intangible dimensions are enhanced through the use of gold leaf or gold toning, as well as the employment of photoengraving and nuanced partial hand-painting with translucent oils.

As the holiday season offers us a respite from the usual routines of daily life, we hope that our show will create a space for reflection and enjoyment to be shared by all.